The beginning of my journey


The Beginning of my Journey

A week ago, I bought Mike Meyer's Video course for the CompTIA A+ and so far it has been immensely helpful and engaging. It starts at the very beginning and builds a very solid foundation upon which to study. This course is great for somebody who has no previous IT knowledge or skill. (See the links below)
*NOTE - These do appear to be full price again at the moment, however, I know Udemy often have sales of up to 90% off the list price*
I'm going to buy the book as well, as sometimes I prefer just reading after looking at a screen for too long.
If you are thinking of starting CompTIA A+ or you're unsure about it. I urge you to go out and buy the video course. When I bought it, it was only £10.99. It's extremely thorough; Also you and I can start this journey together and provide helpful tips and support, like all study groups.
To get A+ certified, you need to pass two exams; they are:
220-1001 and 220-1002. Once you have passed both of those exams, you are officially CompTIA A+ certified.
What does that qualify you for?
This certification will help you land that help desk job, or provide you with supporting material to conduct troubleshooting effectively. The qualification also provides you with a secure foundation in the basic principles of IT, e.g. Hardware, Software, Networking, and Windows OS.How can you Progress further from there?
This is a good question!
You can use the Qualification to get a help desk job, or if you have one already. You can use the knowledge learnt in the A+ as source of information to help with troubleshooting devices.
Continue on with your education by taking the CompTIA Network+ exams. Again, there are two of these that you need to pass in order to be Network+ certified. Once you're Network+ certified, you'll be able to go for those Network Engineer roles.
I haven't yet decided when I'm going to sit the exam. At the time of writing this (July 15th) I've only just started studying. I think, the ideal time for me to try and sit this exam will be two months from now. So, I'll work my way through the content and then try and have both exams completed by the end of September. Which is good for me, as my thirtieth birthday is in October. Therefore, my goal over the next few months, is to be CompTIA A+ certified by the time I'm thirty. Wish me luck, and all the best to anybody who is studying for this (or indeed anything else).

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