About me

I've always enjoyed all things Computing and earlier this year I started a blog documenting my journey through all things tech. Listed here will be all the Certifications I take and the path traveled to get there. 

My first steps in IT

In October 2015 I started studying for a BSc (Honours) Computing and IT certification in my spare time whilst I was working in a different field.
Whilst it is still my goal to complete the Degree, I have currently put it on hold so that I can study for a number of Certifications.
In 2019 I got a job on the Support Helpdesk, studied the CompTIA a+ curriculum and have now moved on to study CompTIA Network+ with a view to sitting in the Exam in the Spring.
This year, I'm also learning Python and Ethical Hacking. 

Choosing the freshest news and updates for you

Whilst I have chosen to make this blog a little more personal and document random thoughts and my education progression, I'm still aiming to post updates about the IT updates I think are interesting. That is why, I'll be taking the time to pick out topics.

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