Teamviewer 15.1.3937


I upgraded to Teamviewer 15.0.8397 a couple of weeks ago when it was first released. Teamviewer 15 introduced full compatibility with the latest Windows 10 update (November 2019). However, it appeared to have quite a few bugs within its programming. One such bug being; that it would randomly crash during a remote session. This occurrence has been logged multiple times within a day by numerous users. This doesn't appear to have been fixed with the latest update. If it has been, it hasn't been documented within the release notes.
*I will edit this later, if I find a noticeable improvement in usage since updating to the latest release.*

Teamviewer have released updates for Linux, Mac and Mobile devices. For the full list of changes, please follow this link:

For the time being, I'm only documenting the Windows updates. If you'd like to me to document the other versions, please let me know.

Teamviewer 15.1.3937 was released on December 17th 2019. It has made improvements to the Teamviewer Pilot mode. Pilot mode is used for Mobile and Tablet devices. Users can now invite users to a session by creating Pilot session codes. The Teamiviewer Pilot mode also allows for the sending and receiving of files.

There was a bug in version 15.0.8397 whereby users would get constant clipboard notifications to notify of a copy and paste. The update has fixed this issue and it should no longer cause any problems.

The final thing that is in the release notes is that a bug has been fixed that prevented the execution of Powershell scripts from a client toolbar. Version 15 introduced 'Quicksteps', this is the ability to run certain tasks easier, such as; open the Control Panel, Run Scripts, etc.

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