Microsoft Teams Conflict


This is probably a known issue within the community with an easy fix ready to go. However, this is what I found worked for me.

Whilst working on a machine, I noticed an issue between Skype and Microsoft Teams.

When attempting to open Microsoft Teams, it would always take about twenty minutes to open and would stop the system from opening or completing any other tasks.

After an investigation of System Resources everything appeared normal. For example; The system wasn't attempting to use all of the RAM.

Upon inspection of the 'Background Applications' within Task Manager, it turned out that Skype was running, even there was no visible evidence of this on the system. After cancelling the Process, Microsoft Teams opened straight away without an issue and continues to do so. Since Skype isn't used by the system, I removed it to prevent it becoming an issue in the future.

there is probably a better solution, if you really need both of these Applications installed. However, the solution that I found worked best, was to remove the Application that wasn't needed. This will save time in the future and mean I don't have to scroll through Task Manager to ensure either of the programs isn't running.

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