The release of iOS 13.3


Apple's latest update is here with the release of iOS 13.3 and along with it a whole host of improvements and bug fixes.

This update comes in at 707MB, so ensure you have enough space on your device before you attempt to install this.

Apple has updated their parental control features by providing the ability to limit who your children can contact via the call, FaceTime or Message functions. In addition to this, there is now also an improved contacts management. This enables parents to set what contacts appear on their child's device.

Two of the major functions revolve around Apple News and Stocks. They have provided a new layout for Apple News for major newspapers and have added the ability to like or dislike stories with a single tap. Based on your selection, Apple News will highlight stories similar that could be of interest.
Good news if you are Canadian as news stories are now available in both English and French.

Apple have fixed certain bugs that were affecting the ability to turn off Dark Mode and have addressed the issue where Wireless Chargers weren't charging as efficiently as they could.

The best feature that has been added in this update is the ability to edit videos. Originally when you edited a video, it would save over the original video. However, now they have a 'save as' function that will allow you to retain the original copy. Therefore, should you not like the newly edited video, you still have the original as a backup copy.

Also added this time around is support for NFC, USB and Lightning FIDO2-Compliant security keys in Safari.

In messaging, Apple have added the ability to turn off the emoji stickers. This can be done by going to Settings > Messages. Once here, if you scroll to the bottom of the screen, you should see the option to switch it off.
*Note* This feature is only available once upgrading to iOS 13.3.

To see the full list of features that have been updated, please follow this link:

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